Instruction de Service Rotax

SI-25-1995-R8 Modification sur 912 & 914
SI-912-017 Airfilter / Filtre Air
SI-912-010-R2 Oil Change / Vidange
SI-9120-18 Purgin of lubrication system / Purge du systeme de lubrification
SI-912-019 Oil leakages in the area of the cylinder barrel
SB-912-052-UL-R1 Installation / Use of governors
SB-912-053-UL Replacement of fuel pump / Remplacement Pompe Huile
SB-912-054 UL Changing or replacement of flexible fuel line
SI-912-019/SI-914-021 R1 Oil leakages in the aera of the cylinder barrel
SL-912-002/SL-914-002 R Standardization of the crankshaft/piston pin and of the gearbox
SL-912-014/914-012/2ST-008 Non-Approved Modifications / Modifications non approuvées
SL-912-014-R2 Use Of Rotax Unapproved Engine Components or Accessories
SB-912-029-R3 Checking of the crankcase / Vérification carter vilbrequin
SI-25-1997-R9 Running modification / Modification courante
SI-18_1997 R5 Selection of Motor Oil / Sélection de l'huile moteur
SB-912-000 R7 Publication Index / Index des publications
SB_912-056 & UL Replacement of the propeller gear box/ Remplacement réducteur
SB-912-051 UL Cheking of magnetic plug / Vérification du bouchon magnétique
SI-912-016R1  Selection of suitable operating Fluids / Sélection des fluides
SI-912-020/22 R1 Running modification / Modification courante
SI-912-020 R2   Running modification / Modification courante
SI-912-006 R1  Replacement of the circlip in the sparg clutch housing
SI-912-003 R2   Oil Connections with UNF Threads
SI-912-010 R3   Oil Change
SI-912-016 R2      Selection of suitable operating fluids
SI-13-996 R2         Installation Intructions of rev-counter
SI-912-021             Inspection of carburetors
SI-920-20 R5        Running modifications on EngineType Rotax 912
SB-912-057-UL     Extension of Time Between Overhauls (TBO) for Type 912
SL-2ST-008 / 912 Non Approved Modifications, Components or Accessories
SB-2ST-000 / 912 Publication Index for Rotax Aircraft Engines
SI-912-016 R4 Sélection of suitable operating fluide
SB-912-063 rotax_fuelpump
SL-912-016-R1 Essential information data for ROTAX
SI-912-028 Système de démarrage avancé - moteur 912
Si-912-032 Constant depression carburetor
SB-912-073  Fr Remplacement du circlip (carburateur) des moteurs ROTAX® types 912/914
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